Make a DIFFA-rence

Thank you to all our current supporters and those who are interested in donating to DIFFA Chicago to make a DIFFArence.

Your contributions, including donations and volunteer work, help us achieve our goal faster.

We have identified a few ways you can help!

Make a Donation

You can make a donation online via credit card or send a check to the DIFFA Chicago office. Either way, we are greatful for your donation.

Donate Auction Items

DIFFA Chicago hosts two auctions every year, one at Art For Life and the other at the annual Gala. If you have items that you wish to donate to our auctions, please contact us!

Donate Your Airline Miles

Some of the largest donations are made on destination prizes. Your miles go a long way in helping DIFFA Chicago fight HIV/AIDS!


DIFFA Chicago is deeply indebted to its many tireless volunteers who donate their time and talents. Without their efforts, our ability to raise much needed funds in the fight against HIV/AIDS would be greatly compromised. We salute each and every one!

DIFFA always needs volunteers to assist in the presentation of its one-of-a-kind events. Drawing upon the talents of designers, artists, fashion models, and other creatives, DIFFA Chicago’s events throughout the year are the cornerstones to our fund raising success.